Truemeds Franchise 2024 Details: Full Details

Truemeds is a type of store in India where people can go to get their medicine. They are growing very quickly and becoming more popular. Truemeds is a big company with lots of stores all over the country. They sell medicine and people know and trust their brand. Truemeds is giving people a chance to open their own pharmacy stores that will be part of Truemeds.

Truemeds Franchise Details

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is going to get bigger in the next few years. When people learn more about how to stay healthy, get insurance, and have more money, they start buying better medicines and things that help them stay healthy. This means that there is a good chance to start a business selling medicine and other products in a store. For our retail buyers we have posted an article related to Truemeds referral code.

Truemeds is a company that stands out by selling real and good medicines, keeping their prices fair, organizing their stores in a similar way, using computers to help with their work, offering special deals and rewards to their customers, and treating their customers well. The brand has built trust through consistent quality and service over the last 15 years.

Benefits of Owning a Truemeds Franchise

If you own a Truemeds franchise, it means you get to use their well-known name and they help you with training, buying supplies, advertising, and making money. Franchise owners can borrow money from banks because Truemeds is trusted and has a good reputation.

Truemeds helps people set up a pharmacy store from start to finish.

When a company wants to open a new store, they have to decide on a good location for it. They also have to decide how the store should look and what furniture and systems it needs. They also need to hire and train staff to work in the store.

¬†All these things are taken care of by someone so the company doesn’t have to worry about them. The company helps keep track of things they have for sale, keeps record of money and things they owe or are owed, and follows the best ways to do things.

Franchise Investment and Profit Potential

Starting a Truemeds franchise requires an investment of INR 10-25 Lakhs, which covers the store size, location, refundable security deposit, capital expenditure (interiors and inventory), and working capital for the initial months.

Truemeds states that the average store revenues can be INR 10-15 Lakhs per month. Franchise owners often recover their investment in 3-4 years due to sales potential and profit margins. The company charges a 5% royalty fee on total sales.

Ideal Locations for Opening a Franchise

Truemeds plans to expand to metro cities and tier 1 and 2 cities in states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. They are targeting locations such as busy residential areas, main markets, near hospitals/nursing homes and clinics, beside mall complexes, etc. They see potential in areas with few or no pharmacy stores.


The Truemeds franchise provides a strong business model, brand support, and profit potential in the growing pharmaceutical market. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this opportunity now.

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